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  • Robert Petry 12:39 pm on January 29, 2017 Permalink |
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    Repentance & Conversion. What’s that all about?

    The problem for most of us is that our mental cup is so full we can’t and won’t listen to things that might be better for us. So, in order to grow and make progress in all areas of life we must empty our cup in order to fill it with things that cause us to grow. One cannot refill a full cup, period.

    That’s what repentance and conversion is all about. They lead one to make the first step to MAJOR change and growth in our lives FOR THE BETTER. Understanding that should help one to better grasp this old saying:

    “The EMPTINESS of the cup is the USEFULLNESS thereof!”

    Ever tried to pour more coffee into a cup already filled with it? It don’t work.

    It is the repentance and conversion that helps one to empty their cup full of old and unworkable traits.

    So, what does one empty out of one’s mental cup upon repentance and conversion? Simply all the things that hold us down in life. The Apostle Paul labeled them the “WORKS of the FLESH.” Galatians 5:19-21

    What are those “WORKS of the FLESH?” Why…


    Once that cup is emptied, it is now in its USEFULL state. It can be filled again with something FRESH and DIFFERENT. What, then, might that be?

    Then the Father, or the Creator, FILLS that newly emptied cup with LIVING WATER, which is His Spirit. As that water begins to fill up one’s cup then the “FRUITS of the SPIRIT” begin to manifest in one’s life! Those FRUITS then flow from you towards others. THEN you become more of an asset to others and they will help lift you up, and will want to begin expressing the “FRUITS of the SPIRIT” in their lives also.
    What are those FRUITS? Why,…


    Paul expressed how valuable these 9 FRUITS are: “against such there is no law.”

    I suggest you read all of what Paul wrote about this subject. It’s covered in Galatians, chapter 5 and verse 13 through 26. If you do, and if you decide to empty your cup so it can be refilled with what is beneficial to all, then your life will soar with new insights, happiness, quality and a very different productive character and attitude.

    Then you will be able to say, along with King David in Psalm 23, “MY CUP RUNNETH OVER!”

  • Robert Petry 2:31 pm on January 28, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: , biblical hebrew, koine greek, language, study   

    Big question from so many: Which is the best Bible to read, and/or study? Centuries ago there was no question about this. There was only the Hebrew bible, and then only the Greek bible. Today, every six months it seems, a new Bible comes out. This causes a great deal of connfusion to many. Why, just read any single verse you choose, and then compare that verse in a dozen different Bibles. Almost all different.

    This leads to many debates among bellievers, and non-believers about what the Bible actually says. But, it shouldn’t be that difficult. So, what then is the best one to study and/or read?

    The answer has two parts. Both parts are very SIMPLE.

    1. Stop being MENTALLY lazy. Use the mind the Father gave you. Learn to read the Hebrew and Greek languages. Thus, quelling a lot of deception.
    2. Get a Hebrew Greek Bible to carry with you for study/reading at any time.

    So, where does one get such a Bible? Well, should anyone decide to be mentally alive, alert and active, for a change, just ask me. Or, begin a search on your own.

    I never could understand why professed believers always seem to neglect the very source of their beliefs! Both the Hebrew and Greek have been preserved for us today. Why? To keep us from being deceived by preachers and teachers who don’t know much about the real text.

    Happy learning!

  • Robert Petry 7:02 am on January 28, 2017 Permalink |
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    Here’s something to try for the rest of the day. Why, one could even do it for the whole week, the year, or even for your lifetime. Why not give it a go? It will change your life for the better.

    W. Clement Stone began with $100 and turned a small insurance operation into millions of dollars of personal wealth. This method of gaining those millions was based on what you should begin using in your life. Here it is, a simple slogan, that Mr. Stone taught should be repeated to one’s self multiple times a day until it becomes a HABIT.


    Can you do that for yourself? Repeat it outloud daily when you are alone till it becomes your method of operation. You might like the results. Try it, you will like it.

  • Robert Petry 10:42 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink |
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    Since we are talking about the Apokalypsis, commonly called Revelation of John, let’s look at this. In ch. 2-3 we find seven “churches” that have been labeled by Bible readers for centuries the:
    “Church of Ephesus,” Church of Smyrna,” “Church of Pergamos,” “Church of Thyatira,” “Church of Sardis,” Church of Philadelphia,” “Church of Laodecia.” Now, here is what is interesting. At least one of several points. Today, many keep trying to be the “Church of Philadelphia.” Why? Why, because it is the “church” of Brotherly Love. The only one of the seven to be so described. I hate to disturb anyone, but that is NOT the “Church of Philadelphia (i.e. Brotherly Love) as its characteristic. Nope. Why? It’s only the name of the CITY. None of the other city names are translated as the characteristic of that particular group. Only is it done when the city of Philadelphia is mentioned. So, if it is not Phila Delphia, what is the true qualification for the LEADER of the ecclesia residing in Philadelphia? Why, don’t you know? Here it is, clear and simple: “And to the angel [elder] of the ekklesia IN Philadelphia write; … I know THY [the elder’s] works: behold I have set before thee an open door; and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and HAST KEPT MY WORD, and hast NOT DENIED MY NAME.” By the way, that name he did not deny is NOT the name of the ekklesia as some now falsely claim. There it is, the real characteristic of the “angel” of the ekklesia in Philadelphia.
    Isn’t it funny. Those claiming to be the “Philadelphia Church” are the ones who deny the name the most. Go figure!

  • Robert Petry 10:23 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: apostle john, , Ekklesia, ,   

    Have you ever read the book of Revelation? Understand it? Well, if you think so, or haven’t, here’s just one topic to consider.
    Beginning in ch. 2 the subject of seven “churches” is brought up. I put the word in quotes because “assembly” is a better translation. Revelation is talking about a group of people, NOT a church building.
    Anyway, today, some believe these seven groups were seven different groups. That is not true. They also believe these seven were seven eras of “church” history, and that today we are in that last era. This is not exactly totally true. For, on a close reading all seven exist in the story at the same time.
    But, for this post, here is a point for you to think about, especially if you think you represent one of those groups. The seven “churches” were NOT seven “churches.” Here’s why.
    Those were seven CITIES that had the ONE same EKKLESIA with members who lived in the different CITIES. Read the NT and you will find there is only ONE spiritual EKKLESIA.
    Now, John’s words were addressed actually to the LEADER of each CITY ekklesia. The instructions were to the leaders, not the group as a whole.
    Yet, within each separate letter was a statement for the groups to follow some point given in each letter. It would take a longer article to explain fully, but think about this.
    What EKKLESIA do you know today that follows all seven of those instructions? There is only ONE, and has always been only ONE. Do you know where it is? Do you know who is the HEAD of that ONE EKKLESIA today? You might want to find out, and then act accordingly.

  • Robert Petry 10:03 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink |
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    Slogans are great, but are useless unless applied in one’s own life. When I first went to college in late 1959, I learned the college slogan. “Recapture True Values.” Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, here’s the thing, to this day I still try my best to apply that slogan. I wonder if you do? It’s not an easy road, but it is worth every effort.
    During the years approx. 1963-1968 I noticed something strange happening. The people at college were changing. The whole attitude was turning away from that slogan. New people had come in and deliberately began to tear that down. They worked internally to destroy the college and the church connected to that college. They did their job. BUT, what they could not do was turn everyone against that slogan. Sadly, what the world sees and hears are all the bad and deliberately distorted stories about the college and church personnel.
    And, on top of that, those characters that came in to destroy also worked to mislead the leaders. And are still at it to this day with their childish websites, and childish accusations.
    Yet, here I am today telling you plainly and clearly that during the years I was at college, the leaders and people I knew personally were striving to live that slogan.
    But, it doesn’t matter what men did, for that was long ago prophesied. What matters is this: What are YOU and I going to do in our personal lives? Why don’t you join me in once again “Recapturing the TRUE Values” and live them? Individual examples are actually even more impressive than what a group does. Peope don’t and can’t always relate to a group as much as to individuals. Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Robert Petry 4:33 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: childhood, fear, , miracles, protection   

    Life is exciting! Sometimes in ways one doesn’t want. For instance, read this:

    “The edge of the cliff came rapidly at me! I was sliding like a downhill racer during a ski contest. I could not stop! The thin tree branches snapped in my grasping hands…nothing could stop me. Then, just before reaching the EDGE — BLACKNESS!

    The hills of West Virginia just grabbed me and flung me over a cliff. I never saw how high it was, for I blacked out about a foot or so from the EDGE!. At least, my memory of the event today stops in blackness at that point.

    The next thing I remember is feeling water. I was sitting in a small stream with my left arm resting on a small boulder. As I was coming to, it felt like someone was helping me sit up. But, when I regained full alertness I could see no one was there!

    I don’t remember the fall, or the landing. Just the before and after. I was about six or seven years of age at the time. Often, I’ve wondered what actually happened to me during the BLACKNESS. Maybe, I’ve thought, I had protection.”

  • Robert Petry 4:02 pm on January 27, 2017 Permalink |
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    Success. Ah, success. Everybody wants it. There is never enough. Besides it’s an UPWARD struggle to get there. Just read the endless series of books, articles, lectures, videos, dvd’s, websites, etc. all telling how to get success. And, how to motivate yourself to GET it. But wait – is it an UPWARD climb? Maybe we’ve been taught the hard way to gain success. Isn’t there a better way?

    Let’s take a look at these two quotes now, and discuss the subject futher in future posts.

    1. “Get into the FLOW that takes you where you want to GO!”

    2. “Find the FLOW that goes where you want to go and GET IN IT! Let the FLOW carry you.”

    Ever seen nature’s powerful force WATER at work? Le me ask you, then, does water FLOW upwards? Do rivers FLOW upstream? Do waterfalls fall UPWARDS, you know, UP the hill/mountain/cliff?

    And, how does water INCREASE its POWER?

    Just think about it.

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    Here is a good time and place to begin posting subjects too long for my Twitter account. And, to post info about the subjects I studied at Ambassador, and elsewhere. Enjoy.

  • Robert Petry 8:01 pm on August 5, 2015 Permalink |

    Greetings Friends and Grads of Ambassador College 

    Over the decades, especially since the closing of the three campuses, several websites have written about Ambassador College. The three campuses were Pasadena, Calif.; Bricketwood, England; and Big Sandy, Texas.

    This site will be different from the others in this way. It will be about the original intent of Ambassador College. The original intent was expressed in this phrase: Recapture True Values.

    Since human beings with human nature do not always capture that phrase, things do not always work out perfectly. Be that as it may, we are after the INTENT, and will present a positive side of Ambassador that most never knew.

    Welcome to the site. As we progress in adding information and formatting, etc. to the Ambassador College Remembered site, we will update this post as changes and improvements are made.

    For those who are graduates I hope you have a pleasant surprise ahead of you. For those who are not but have heard of Ambassador College I think you might find interesting and refreshing items here as we grow.

    So, today, August 5, 2015 is day one. Stand by, the countdown has begun. Come back often.

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