Big question from so many: Which is the best Bible to read, and/or study? Centuries ago there was no question about this. There was only the Hebrew bible, and then only the Greek bible. Today, every six months it seems, a new Bible comes out. This causes a great deal of connfusion to many. Why, just read any single verse you choose, and then compare that verse in a dozen different Bibles. Almost all different.

This leads to many debates among bellievers, and non-believers about what the Bible actually says. But, it shouldn’t be that difficult. So, what then is the best one to study and/or read?

The answer has two parts. Both parts are very SIMPLE.

1. Stop being MENTALLY lazy. Use the mind the Father gave you. Learn to read the Hebrew and Greek languages. Thus, quelling a lot of deception.
2. Get a Hebrew Greek Bible to carry with you for study/reading at any time.

So, where does one get such a Bible? Well, should anyone decide to be mentally alive, alert and active, for a change, just ask me. Or, begin a search on your own.

I never could understand why professed believers always seem to neglect the very source of their beliefs! Both the Hebrew and Greek have been preserved for us today. Why? To keep us from being deceived by preachers and teachers who don’t know much about the real text.

Happy learning!