Success. Ah, success. Everybody wants it. There is never enough. Besides it’s an UPWARD struggle to get there. Just read the endless series of books, articles, lectures, videos, dvd’s, websites, etc. all telling how to get success. And, how to motivate yourself to GET it. But wait – is it an UPWARD climb? Maybe we’ve been taught the hard way to gain success. Isn’t there a better way?

Let’s take a look at these two quotes now, and discuss the subject futher in future posts.

1. “Get into the FLOW that takes you where you want to GO!”

2. “Find the FLOW that goes where you want to go and GET IN IT! Let the FLOW carry you.”

Ever seen nature’s powerful force WATER at work? Le me ask you, then, does water FLOW upwards? Do rivers FLOW upstream? Do waterfalls fall UPWARDS, you know, UP the hill/mountain/cliff?

And, how does water INCREASE its POWER?

Just think about it.