Since we are talking about the Apokalypsis, commonly called Revelation of John, let’s look at this. In ch. 2-3 we find seven “churches” that have been labeled by Bible readers for centuries the:
“Church of Ephesus,” Church of Smyrna,” “Church of Pergamos,” “Church of Thyatira,” “Church of Sardis,” Church of Philadelphia,” “Church of Laodecia.” Now, here is what is interesting. At least one of several points. Today, many keep trying to be the “Church of Philadelphia.” Why? Why, because it is the “church” of Brotherly Love. The only one of the seven to be so described. I hate to disturb anyone, but that is NOT the “Church of Philadelphia (i.e. Brotherly Love) as its characteristic. Nope. Why? It’s only the name of the CITY. None of the other city names are translated as the characteristic of that particular group. Only is it done when the city of Philadelphia is mentioned. So, if it is not Phila Delphia, what is the true qualification for the LEADER of the ecclesia residing in Philadelphia? Why, don’t you know? Here it is, clear and simple: “And to the angel [elder] of the ekklesia IN Philadelphia write; … I know THY [the elder’s] works: behold I have set before thee an open door; and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and HAST KEPT MY WORD, and hast NOT DENIED MY NAME.” By the way, that name he did not deny is NOT the name of the ekklesia as some now falsely claim. There it is, the real characteristic of the “angel” of the ekklesia in Philadelphia.
Isn’t it funny. Those claiming to be the “Philadelphia Church” are the ones who deny the name the most. Go figure!