Life is exciting! Sometimes in ways one doesn’t want. For instance, read this:

“The edge of the cliff came rapidly at me! I was sliding like a downhill racer during a ski contest. I could not stop! The thin tree branches snapped in my grasping hands…nothing could stop me. Then, just before reaching the EDGE — BLACKNESS!

The hills of West Virginia just grabbed me and flung me over a cliff. I never saw how high it was, for I blacked out about a foot or so from the EDGE!. At least, my memory of the event today stops in blackness at that point.

The next thing I remember is feeling water. I was sitting in a small stream with my left arm resting on a small boulder. As I was coming to, it felt like someone was helping me sit up. But, when I regained full alertness I could see no one was there!

I don’t remember the fall, or the landing. Just the before and after. I was about six or seven years of age at the time. Often, I’ve wondered what actually happened to me during the BLACKNESS. Maybe, I’ve thought, I had protection.”