Have you ever read the book of Revelation? Understand it? Well, if you think so, or haven’t, here’s just one topic to consider.
Beginning in ch. 2 the subject of seven “churches” is brought up. I put the word in quotes because “assembly” is a better translation. Revelation is talking about a group of people, NOT a church building.
Anyway, today, some believe these seven groups were seven different groups. That is not true. They also believe these seven were seven eras of “church” history, and that today we are in that last era. This is not exactly totally true. For, on a close reading all seven exist in the story at the same time.
But, for this post, here is a point for you to think about, especially if you think you represent one of those groups. The seven “churches” were NOT seven “churches.” Here’s why.
Those were seven CITIES that had the ONE same EKKLESIA with members who lived in the different CITIES. Read the NT and you will find there is only ONE spiritual EKKLESIA.
Now, John’s words were addressed actually to the LEADER of each CITY ekklesia. The instructions were to the leaders, not the group as a whole.
Yet, within each separate letter was a statement for the groups to follow some point given in each letter. It would take a longer article to explain fully, but think about this.
What EKKLESIA do you know today that follows all seven of those instructions? There is only ONE, and has always been only ONE. Do you know where it is? Do you know who is the HEAD of that ONE EKKLESIA today? You might want to find out, and then act accordingly.