Greetings Friends and Grads of Ambassador College

Over the decades, especially since the closing of the three campuses, several websites have written about Ambassador College. The three campuses were Pasadena, Calif.; Bricketwood, England; and Big Sandy, Texas.

This site will be different from the others in this way. It will be about the original intent of Ambassador College. The original intent was expressed in this phrase: Recapture True Values.

Since human beings with human nature do not always capture that phrase, things do not always work out perfectly. Be that as it may, we are after the INTENT, and will present a positive side of Ambassador that most never knew.

Welcome to the site. As we progress in adding information and formatting, etc. to the Ambassador College Remembered site, we will update this post as changes and improvements are made.

For those who are graduates I hope you have a pleasant surprise ahead of you. For those who are not but have heard of Ambassador College I think you might find interesting and refreshing items here as we grow.

So, today, August 5, 2015 is day one. Stand by, the countdown has begun. Come back often.